Brendel Camera Collection

For Sale

My collection of vintage cameras is offered for individual sale. They are mostly Ihagee Exakta and Exa. There are a mix of other brands - especially Soviet and eastern block examples. Click the photo link to view images of the camera and sample photos.

These cameras were obtained from a variety of sources between 2003 and 2010. They were each repaired, adjusted, and tested with at least one roll of film. Parts were obtained from donor cameras and new leatherette applied to some of the cameras.

Please submit an inquiry if you are interested in a particular camera or lens - an inquiry link is at the bottom of each camera page. A quote will be returned via e-mail. I can answer questions and provide more images as needed. I also have certain accessories for the Ihagee Exakta series - inquire with specific requests.

Cameras are quoted less lens, unless otherwise requested.

Lenses are for sale too. Let me know if you wish to pair a body with a specific lens that you see on the site. I also have many parts cameras - please inquire for special needs.

IhageeVarex VX1956Photos
IhageeVX IIa1958Photos
IhageeVX IIa1961Photos
IhageeVarex IIb1963Photos
IhageeEXA II1959Photos
IhageeEXA IIb1965Photos
IhageeExakta 5001966Photos
Kodak (Nagel)Retina Reflex S1959Photos
VEB PentaconPentina M1963Photos
Zeiss IkonContaflex Super1959Photos
Zeiss IkonIkonta1952Photos
MeoptaFlexaret III1954Photos
ArsenalKiev 151980Photos
ArsenalKiev 101968Photos
VoigtländerVitomatic IIa1960Photos
VoigtländerVito B1954Photos

The collection is located in Centerville Ohio USA (45459) and may be examined by appointment. Use the General Inquiry button below.

Conditions of Sale - All sales are final. Shipment to USA only. Payments shall be made through PayPal.

Shipping - shipping and insurance shall be borne by the buyer. Most cameras will require a medium size USPS flat-rate box. Current price as of October 2020 is $15.05 + additional insurance if requested.